Lethal Whites UK

Disability is just a label


This is an information only site


So just what are Lethal Whites? 

They are dogs born disabled as  a result of a merle-to-merle mating.

But this site aims to be much more than just about them ...

Hopefully it will provide an insight into the wonderful world of living with ANY dog that has a disability.  


Back to the 'Lethal' bit ...

Not heard of the term before?

Me neither until I got one that was labeled as such   (Teija in the photo above)


Merle-to-Merle dogs often have a recognisable appearance (mostly white, wall eyed, pink noses) and it can throw-up some serious birth defects at birth:

  • deaf, blind or both
  • seizures or fits
  • and many have physical ailments (internal abnormalities, digestive problems)


SO . . .

The usual result is that they are put-to-sleep  (a 'lethal' solution for them)

Now, unfortunately my experience has shown me that there is a common view that pts is the kindest thing to do for any disabled animal - but why?

It would be unthinkable to do it to a child or to someone who becomes disabled!


Like many things the key is in Education . . .

Please use this site to learn about just how 'normal' it can be living with a dog with a disability. All dogs are hard work and require a lot of commitment and with disabled dogs it often just takes a different approach.


The main issues though is to educate enough to put a stop to merle/merle breeding.